June 12, 2013
Five Features To Know About - New Website pt. III

#3 Calendar

The Rent a Facility feature allows citizens to fill out a form requesting City facilities so that their event does not conflict with another group’s use of the same facility.  It also allows the Parks Department to more efficiently coordinate and plan for events in these facilities.

The Rent a Facility link is located under the Resident Services tab at the top of the home page.

The link will take you to the form to fill out in order to rent the facility.  

After submitting the form, the Parks Department will review the request and approve the event if there are no conflicts with any other events.  To see the availability of the facilities, first visit the Parks and Recreation page located under the Our Government tab at the top of the home page.

To the right of the page for the Parks and Recreation, there is a Quick Links section.  Underneath that section is a link called Facility Listing.  The link will navigate to madison-in.gov/facilities.

On the Facility Listing page, all the facilities are listed.  To the left of the page, the facilities can be searched based on availability.

By clicking on a facility on the Facility Listing page, a description of the facility is listed and a calendar is available to examine to determine the dates and times a facility is open for rental.  

If there is a rental currently confirmed, it will appear on the calendar.

The Rent a Facility feature allows both the public and the Parks Department to rent a facility so that there are no conflicts between other groups who are seeking to rent the same facility.  The feature will be beneficial to any party or organization seeking to rent a facility far in advance.  The feature also allows, therefore, the Parks Department to ensure the people using the facility have all they need for the event.

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