June 11, 2013
Five Features To Know About - New Website pt. II

We’re exploring five features you should know about for our new website.

#2 Calendar 

The purpose of the Calendar is to give members of the public a calendar that shows events happening across the community under a variety of categories.  The calendar is located near the bottom of the page under the interactive modules that begin with Open Book.

Clicking on the Calendar tab will show the Home Page calendar that lists events that are scheduled to take place throughout the month.

Clicking on the ‘view all’ button will take you to a separate page for the Home Page calendar to give you more details.

Another option before seeing further details for the Home Page Calendar is to click on one of the dates highlighted under the Calendar tab and that will take you to the page listing all events from the various calendars for the specific day.  Calendars available to view are: Community, Home Page, Parks and Recreation, Public Meetings, and Senior Center.

As you look at a certain calendar, you have the option to submit an event.

Click ‘submit an event’ and fill out the details for your event you wish to add to a specific calendar.

The Calendar feature of the new website allows the public to view all the events that are happening in the community.  Members of the public and organizational leaders are able to add events to the calendar allowing it to function as a community calendar.